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Paintings and Prints for Sale

My paintings and prints come in a limited range of sizes and are priced according to both size and quality. A painting that is the result of years of experience is naturally more expensive that something that is just a "one-off".

Many of my paintings are destroyed in the process of getting something right - so the ones that are masterpieces have others buried within them!

Pricing Guide


Price Band A: £10
Approx: $15.6. €14

Poster of "The Swimmer", the painting that was used for the cover of my book.
16" x 11"
41cm x 28cm


Price Band B: £50
Approx: $78. €72

Smaller Giclee Fine Art Prints.
15" x 11"
38cm x 28cm


Price Band C: £100
Approx: $156. €144

Larger Giclee prints in limited editions, signed and numbered.
22" x 16"
56cm x 41cm


Price Band D: £100 - £500
Approx: $156-$780. €143-€720

Smaller original Watercolour.
15" x 11"
38cm x 28cm


Price Band E: £800 - £2000
Approx: $1250-£3120. €1150-€2880

Larger original Watercolour, mostly landscape.
30" x 22"
76cm x 56cm


Price Band F: £2000 - £5000
Approx: $3120-$7800. €2880-€7200

Top of the range, best quality original Watercolour.
30" x 22"
76cm x 56cm

Other details

No charge is made for packing and postage in the UK. I supervise the arrangements for doing this myself.

If you are interested in buying, you can email me through the website.

Payment can be made through Paypal. No paintings leave my studio until full payment has been received.

If you are interested in buying one, but are not sure, and live in the UK, I am prepared to travel to your home and show you the actual work.

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