The first five short videos each feature a particular painting or a set of paintings on a particular theme, that marked a turning point in the artist’s development.

These steps could be a new understanding of the vision and purpose of art as well a new level in skills and accomplishment. They were the result of a new inspiration that led to the series.

As you can see from the dates below, some of the series ran concurrently but the general trend was consecutive from 1983 onwards when the artist first starting painting full time in watercolour.

Christian Wharton Paintings
Water in Watercolour
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1 - Splashing Dog, 1983

2 - High Force, 1987-1997

3 - Black Moss Pot, 1988-2007

video4 video5

4 - Taktsang Lakhang, 2003-2007

5 - Swimmers, 2004-2013